Peephole Installation

Peephole Installation to Avoid the Unwanted Entry

The door viewer is simple but in addition to the required front door. Our house locksmith can install a peephole in your door to protect your house.


Door Viewer-: Peephole Installation is an essential addition to any home. Especially in these modern times, it is necessary to control who allows us into commercial and living spaces. When people knock on the door, they can identify who they are without looking through the window curtains. Your best option is a door viewer. It’s a simple but essential part of your home security.


Home Security Peephole Installation: The professionals who have installed door viewers for years can provide 100% expertise when installing a secret eye on the front door. You can turn the peephole installation into a DIY project. Still, only experienced personnel can do the clean work and do the installation in the shortest possible time without damaging the doors. There are science and art. Leave unnecessary marks. They are the go-to company for a healthy and residential locksmith service, including door viewers’ installation.


Types of Door Watchers: When most people think of door watchers, they get a mental image of an old peephole and don’t understand it.

There are new and great door viewers on the market today. They regularly install old-style peepholes, but we would like to pay attention to the latest advanced door viewer. Below are the scopes of door viewers on the market today.

Mini Viewer-These door viewers are suitable for doors up to 1 1/2 inches thick. This is one of the smallest options on the market today, and you can see who is at the entry or hallway.


Mini Scope -This is the smallest door viewer on the market today in terms of size and works well. Due to their construction nature, they are ideal for apartment buildings and homes with thinner doors. They provide an unobstructed 200-degree view.


XtraScopes -This door viewer is suitable for homes and offices with regular thickness doors. XtraScopes come with a fisheye lens that guarantees a wide field of view.


Ultra Vision -These door viewers come with a unique 132-degree horizontal glass lens, perfect for commercial and domestic entry doors. With these UV peepholes, you can see up to 2 meters away. Since the thickness is different, you can easily find the one that matches the door’s width.


Why You Should Consider About Door Viewer Installation And Service

However, Peephole Installation is not as easy as many think, but you can trust us to get the job done. Let’s change gears and see why thousands of customers rely on us.

Experienced Professional


1Locksmiths are proud of our professionals and consider anyone with many years of experience. The reason is that sight glass installation and maintenance is not as easy as most people make. The specialists do a clean job and will install and service your sight glass in the shortest possible time and time.

Contact your customer service representative, and excellent service will begin. They are knowledgeable and also experienced our locksmith service. They work on shifts 24 hours a day, and as soon as they hang up, they dispatch a locksmith and door viewer installation specialist.

This makes it almost impossible to achieve all the essential work-life balance for a healthy lifestyle. However, whenever you need a peephole or service. They’ll be waiting at the locksmith’s doorstep when it’s convenient, considering your schedule.

Whether you schedule an appointment or need our services immediately, they have an experienced and unified locksmith. An expert will be available within 30 minutes of contacting your customer service representative in case of an emergency.

Best Peephole Viewer Installation And Service Price:


They do not promise that the prices are the cheapest in town, but they guarantee that they are the most competitive. They have an excellent reputation for providing comprehensive sight glass installation services and set prices commensurate with the quality of their services.

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