Residential Lock Rekey

Residential Lock Rekey

No matter where you are, having your keys on you is always important. Be it your house keys, your office keys or even your car keys. Losing any one of these can prove to be incredibly problematic, especially if it happens at odd hours during the day or night. In these instances, turning to a professional locksmith that can take care of your needs is extremely important. A professional locksmith can generally help you get access to the lock with the tools that they have and can make you a new set of keys in case you don’t know where your other ones are.

If you live in Corpus Christi in the state of Texas, one professional service that you can turn to is Corpus Christi Locksmiths. The company specializes in various types of locksmith services and offers after hours locksmith services to those who are in any kind of emergencies.

What Is A Residential Locksmith?

Residential Locksmiths and residential after hours locksmith companies are generally well equipped to deal with any kind of lock related issues which take place in residential properties. Let’s say you have gone outside to get a few groceries. You didn’t realize that you left your keys at home and need to get inside fast before some of your groceries go bad. If there is no one to open the door for you from the inside, the best course of action you can take is to call a professional locksmith service. A residential locksmith generally has all the tools that one would need to conduct a residential lock rekey and enter a home with ease. If you have misplaced your keys and aren’t sure where they are, a residential locksmith can help you make a new key that you can use.

Understanding Residential Rekeying

One of the services that residential locksmiths tend to offer is a residential lock rekey. This is a common service that residential locksmiths generally engage in, and is incredibly easy for a trained professional to do. Many times, professional locksmiths get calls from customers saying that they want their change the locks in their home. However, they don’t often realize that the better solution is to rekey, let alone actually know what rekeying is. A residential rekey is a process in which a professional remove the springs and internal mechanisms of the lock, but not the entire unit as a whole. The springs and pins of the locks and removed and new ones are put in its place. The kind of rekeying that is done generally depends on the lock being used, and a well trained professional is generally able to rekey almost any kind of system that one has in place.

Once the changes have been made, a new key has to be made to fit with the lock. The reason for this is because once a rekeying is done, all the old keys would not be able to open the lock at all.  A lock and key are meant to fit well with each other, which leads to the effect of it being ‘opened.’ Rekeying changes the grooved on the lock, thereby making it so that a new key that fits better with it needs to be used. The lock in this instance works like it is completely new, even though you haven’t actually taken out the entire piece.

Why Should You Rekey?

There are many instances in which rekeying is the better option over changing the locks of the home entirely. Let’s say you have a house with tenants living in it. After the lease has ended, the tenants decide that they don’t want to extend, and instead leave the home. Once the tenants move, you don’t want them to have access to your home. They already have the keys to it, but no longer possess the right to enter. In an instance like this, changing up the locks of the home may seem excessive, even if you want to keep your past tenants out. The better solution here is to rekey the house so that the previous keys would not be able to open up the locks within a home.

Should You Call A Professional?

There is no shortage of videos and tutorials on how to rekey the locks in your home. However, if you go to do it yourself, you will soon realize that it is a lot harder than it seems. There are also a number of tools that you need to use, which you might not have. A professional can take care of your rekeying needs with absolute ease and without any hassle

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