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Automotive key replacement must be done when you realize that your key is simply not working like it should. You might have the keys replaced when they break, or they might stick in the locks. Key replacements can be done in moments, and you must make certain that you have had an after hours locksmith from Corpus Christi come out to your location to handle the problem. The key replacement is a quick process, and there are other services you can get as part of working with Corpus Christi.

Why Do You Need Automotive Key Replacement?

You might need to get your key replaced in all of the following situations:


  • Your key broke in the lock
  • The lock is broken and must be replaced
  • The key is bent
  • The key is worn down
  • You need extra keys
  • You need a spare key for the body of the vehicle


The after hours locksmith from Corpus Christi will let you know what they think you should do, and they will explain why they should do what they have prescribed. You can ask for the cheapest repair possible, or you could request a repair that you believe is a bit more reasonable. You will get a full estimate for all the work that must be done, and you need to be certain that you have kept the estimate in case you need to refer to it in the future.

Lock Replacement

You could easily have your locks replaced, and you need to be certain that you have a set of new keys that matches that lock. You could have the lock replaced because the old lock was broken, or you might have the lock replaced when you have lost your keys. You want to avoid any intrusion in your vehicle, and the only way to do that is to have the lock replaced. You get a new set of keys for the lock, and you could have more cut at any time.

Broken Keys

You must have broken keys removed from the lock, and you should have new keys made for the lock as soon as possible. Most people who have broken keys think that they can pull the key out on their own, but they probably do not have a way to get back in the car or start the car. If the key is so sticky that you break it off in the lock, you need to consider have the lock replaced and getting a new key. Broken keys happen often in the winter months, and it would be smart to call the Corpus Christi locksmith as soon as possible for help with your locks.

Spare Keys

You can have spare keys made for the car by the locksmith, and you should ask the locksmith if they have enough blanks to make several keys for you. The key blanks are matched to the model of your vehicle, and you should ask the locksmith to check what the original key would have looked like. You get a very sharp version of the key, and you will notice that all these keys fit much better than your older keys. Someone who is trying to protect themselves should give a spare key to a friend and keep one in a secure place.


Spare keys are very important for commercial vehicles because you might have many people who drive the same vehicle. You can keep these keys in the office, and you will find that the keys are easy to distribute because you had many of them made at the same time. If you have a specific order in mind, you need to ask the locksmith if they can make that many keys at once.


You should ask the Corpus Christ locksmith if they can give you the new keys you need, if they can fix your locks, and if they can remove the broken keys from your locks. Each of the keys you have made come from good lands, are cut by a professional, and work perfectly in your car.

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